Strange Company [NSFW]

This Short film is written and directed by Weston Currie Currie takes you on an unreasonable ride, where disgust and desire crash together, bringing about a sticky, disgraceful wreckage you won’t have the capacity to overlook at any point in the near future. Plot: She is a distressed real estate broker preparing a house for […]

double life Play station

Watch the Masterpiece Ad “Double Life” by Playstation

The powerful Playstation Ad “Double Life” released in 1999 by TBWA\London & has gone on to receive a cult status.  When ‘Double Life’ released in 1999, it was widely proclaimed as the UK’s answer to Apple’s ‘Crazy Ones’. The ad captivates us with its incredible narration and monologue of 19 eccentric individuals discussing their gaming experience […]

Short of The Week: Interior Cafe Night

Interior Cafe Night is a short film directed by Adhiraj Bose. It features Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Naveen Kasturia and Shweta Basu Prasad. This 12 min short movie explores two stories set inside a cafe in Kolkata depicting the feelings of love, loss and reunion. Naseeruddin Shah plays the owner of a quaint café who […]

bolt logo duminda

14 Original & Clever Logo Designs for Inspiration

A LOGO should be distinctive and not descriptive. A good logo stays clear of visual clichés and comes up with an original idea and design. Here is a list of top 14 logos from Duminda Perera. Duminda is currently working on an ongoing project wherein every day she creates one Original, Clever, Wordmark/Verbicons logo.   […]