pornhub Adult Coloring Book

PornHub Releases New Erotic NSFW Coloring Book

If you thought coloring was for kids, then Pornhub is all set to prove you wrong! Adult website PornHub has made public an “exciting” NSFW coloring book called “The Adult Adult Coloring Book” to help people relieve stress. The elaborate sketches featured in the book are from Well Known artists like Alpha Channeling, Apollonia Saintclair […]


The New Lego Batman Movie Trailer is Out & It Looks Promising!

The new Lego Batman movie trailer is out, and it’s simply adorable and probably the best thing you’ll watch online today. Check out the latest trailer for the Lego Batman Movie below: From the look of the trailer, the animation looks impressive and there is a lot of self-referential humor that makes it even more awesome.The […]