Coca-Cola Creates World’s First-Ever ‘SELFIE BOTTLE’

Coca-Cola: Selfie Bottle
As part of Coca-Cola Summer Love, an outdoor event in Israel, advertising agency Gefen Team has created a special bottle named ‘Selfie Bottle’ designed to snap selfies while you drink out of it.

The custom designed camera is a perfect fit with a 0.5L bottle of Coca-Cola and thanks to cutting edge technology and state of the art hardware, the bottles ‘senses’ whenever there is a 70-degree tilt, and then takes a picture.

That selfies then zips off to your Snapchat, along with Coca-Cola Israel’s Facebook and Instagram.

Only 10 Coca-Cola Selfie Bottles were created exclusively for Coca-Cola Summer Love, and there are currently no plans to produce more.

[ Pic Credits: Coca-Coal Israel ]

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