Watch These Awesome Ads by Dollar Shave Club Mocking Axe & Old Spice


Dollar Shave Club has come out with 3 awesomely quirky ads mocking their competitors Axe & Old Spice

1. Check out what happens when a man’s girlfriend suggests him to try the product called “Massive Hero” which contains “fully jacked amino protein delivery system,”  packaged in bright red—just like Old Spice.

2.  The second ad is a take on Axe’s over-the-top sex-god advertising. It starts with two friends checking out  a product called “Deep Midnite”that promises “24-hour pheromone release.” The Real irony here is that Dollar Shave Club was sold to Unilever (parent company of Axe)  for $1 billion earlier this year.


3.  “Neon Groove” Vs “A shower product that’s more you?”


It’s a quirky move by a relative newcomer to take on the established market biggies like Old Spice and Axe. Only time will tell the effectiveness of this campaign given the considerable goodwill that Old Spice has built up with it’s Mantastic ad campaigns featuring the likes of Isaiah Mustafa, Milind Soman and Terry Crews.





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