This Ad Film by BBDO is Undeniably Creative, Powerful and Shocking!

The Ad film “Evan” by BBDO New York is one of the most creative & powerful commercials of the recent times.

This Ad has been generating quite a bit of buzz, breaking out from the creative blog circle into mainstream media coverage from CNN, People, Us Weekly and The New York Times’ newest political correspondent.

The video starts off as a budding high school romance, but there is more to it than meets the eye. We are not going to reveal much about the plot right now as the charm of the ad lies in its mystery.

So before reading further, go ahead and watch the below ad:

What works here is the fact that the viewers have no clue of what’s coming until the very end as the real story hides in the background the whole time.

This Ad shows us how easy it is to miss clear signs not only on our laptops and mobiles but also in real life.

“Evan” is made by Sandy Hook Promise, an independent nonprofit organization led by family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School four years ago.

The Organization is dedicated to preventing gun-related deaths through gun violence prevention programs. According to them, 80% of school shooters and 70% of people who commit suicide told someone of their plans before doing that. But did anyone notice the signs? No.

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